Hassle-free High Pressure Processing  (HPP) with Outsourcing Services from Universal Pasteurization

No Start Up Costs * Simplicity * Flexibility * Redundancy

The arrival of cloud computing has been one of the most important game-changers of the decade.  It has leveled the playing field providing even the smallest of companies access to enterprise-class software applications.  Now Universal Pasteurization is bringing the concept of cloud computing to High Pressure Processing with HPP outsourcing services.  Companies large and small now have access to sophisticated HPP technology in a simple, usage-based model.

Even if you can afford the technology Universal HPP outsourcing offers some important advantages over an in-house purchase:

      • Low on-going costs:  The specialized parts and maintenance required when operating ultra-high pressure equipment is handled by Universal as well as the day-to-day operational efficienc
      • Redundancy:  Universal has invested in at least 2 machines per location as well as multiple locations for the ultimate back-up plan
      • Flexibility:  No excess capacity.  Usage can expand and contract for seasonal adjustments or for product lifecycle changes
      • Simplicity: From logistics, pack-off and kitting capabilities to frozen or cold storage and tempering services as well as multi-shift operations 
HPP Services Chart

Ready to Help with Your HPP Journey

Let Universal help you to gain the food safety, extended shelf life and clean label benefits of HPP.   With the largest HPP outsourcing capacity in the world we have substantial experience with the processing and packaging requirements of a wide variety of products including ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook meats and poultry, refrigerated foods such as dips, soups, deli salads and salsas,  super-premium raw juices, seafood and raw pet food.

Universal is USDA inspected, SQF 3 and organic certified.

Contact us today to learn how we can make HPP hassel-free for you.