Presentations from the 2016 HPP Summit

Shawn Stevens Presentation – Criminalization of Foodborne Illness: What you can do to protect your company

Joyce Longfield Presentation – The Food Consumers Really Want:  Fresher! Safer! Cleaner!

Joyce Longfield Breakout Presentation – Beverage Safety and Freshness: HPP Delivers

Mark Fleck & Dr. Jayne Stratton Breakout Presentation – HPP Fundamentals: Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

Dr. Errol Raghubeer Breakout Presentation – Opportunities for RTE and RTC Protein Processors

Dane Sandridge Breakout Presentation – HPP as a Source of Strategic Advantage: How a food safety program became an engine for growth at Sandridge Food Corp.

Dr. Les Paull Presentation – Food Safety with HPP

Brian Quandt Presentation – The HPP Imperative: Hormel as a case study

Dr. Jessie Usaga Breakout Presentation – HPP Safety Validations: A key element for the production of dips and wet salads