Webinar- HPP and Food Waste: Get Tasted Not Wasted

HPP and Food Waste: Get Tasted Not Wasted

Wednesday, June 14th at 11:30 am EST

Speakers: Joyce Longfield, CEO of JL Nutrition and Food and Sarah
Kolansky, Associate Director of Sustainability at Graham Partners.

The 2016 HPP Summit brought together over 200 guests from food  producers, retailers and vendors who were all excited to learn about the  future of the high pressure processing industry. We are going to  continue the momentum from last year’s summit by hosting a series of  educational webinars leading up to this year’s show.

Our first  webinar topic, hosted by industry expert Joyce Longfield, CEO of JL  Nutrition and Sarah Kolansky, Associate Director of Sustainability at  Graham Partners, is food waste and the impact of food waste and what we  can do to help. Learn how industry leaders are avoiding burning cash and  contributing to climate waste. Food waste accounts for 7 percent of all  greenhouse gas emissions and costs food producers, retailers and  restaurants billions of dollars every year. Pre-consumer food waste  equals between 4-10 percent of all food purchases – but it doesn’t have  to continue.

Below is some more information on the speakers:

Joyce has been an HPP expert since 2011 when she advocated to Health  Canada for the approval of HP- treated foods in the Canadian  marketplace. Since then, Joyce has worked with customers in the US that  manufacture USDA and/or FDA products providing the necessary guidance to  help them to meet their regulatory food safety requirements.Recently, working with juice companies that use HPP has allowed Joyce to combine both her academic background of a Master of Science in  Molecular Biology, with her passion for nutrition. Joyce also plays a   key role in the newly formed Cold Pressure Logo (CPL) program.








Sarah is the Associate Director of Sustainability at Graham Partners.  She joined Graham Partners in 2017 to support the firm’s work on  sustainability opportunities and issues, as well as environmental,  social and governance (ESG) matters, across its investment portfolio and  internally within Graham Partners.Prior to joining Graham Partners, Sarah was an Associate in Climate Change and Sustainability with ICF, where she worked with local and federal government agencies, as well as with external clients, on various ESG initiatives, including many around food waste. Sarah graduated cum laude with her B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Bucknell University, and her Master of Environmental Studies degree from the University of Pennsylvania.







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