The 2016 HPP Summit was a great success!

This annual, information-packed event is for anyone who wants to learn what it takes to deliver successful HPP products to market – or engage with those who do! With a combination of expert speakers, on-site visits to see “how it’s done” and opportunities to mingle and share with your peers and partners in food processing, food service and retail, attendeesl come away understanding how HPP can benefit your business and the food industry worldwide. And you’ll understand how HPP works and why you should be considering options for incorporating HPP into your processing strategies.

The Summit Agenda incorporated these key elements facilitated and was presented by industry experts:

      • What Is HPP? And How Does It Work?
      • Commercial Applications and Case Studies of Its Use
      • Embracing HPP in Retail and Food Service
      • Market Trends, Branding and Packaging Best Practices
      • Tours to the Universal HPP Site and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Food Processing Center, Innovation Campus, with its Pilot Plant, Commercial HPP vessel, Product Development Kitchen and Sensory Analysis Laboratories.

Attendees also learned how to bypass equipment acquisition costs, have the right capacity at the right time, leverage value-added services such as cold storage, logistics and more.

Need More Information?

For questions about the 2016 HPP Summit, hosted by Universal Pasteurization, contact Tim Obermueller,
402-419-2163, tobermueller@ucsne.com with any questions.


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Innovations in Food Processing are the focus of Summit Tours to the NIC Food Innovations Center and the Universal Pasteurization Lincoln HPP Facility.


The accomodations for the 2016 HPP Summit